It’s really hard to breathe

We live to die

I think she lost interest and I hate it

Tumblr is where I go to be sad

But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?

- Mark Twain

This is honestly my favorite quote. It’s changed how I look at life and religion

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I don’t think she’s interested anymore and I hate it. I just need some reassurance that I’m doing this right.

Anyone else get really negative for no reason?

Thanks bae

Thanks bae

Life is pretty meaningless don’t you think?

All we do is destroy anything we touch…Signs of cracking are already showing on earth, from global warming and climate change, to ecosystems being completely destroyed from over hunting, and just being a human moving with the daily motions and driving to your place of business. And no one wants to do anything about it because it isn’t directly effecting them and isn’t a burden just yet. Until the end is just around the corner, no one will really care and it sucks to think that the planet dying doesn’t matter until it MAKES you change… “not that it even matters the slightest anyways…we will be dead before the effects of our existence demolish the planet entirely.” Is probably what a good amount of people are thinking and it really really really sucks that those ideas are even thought… Pretty lame that that’s the mentality ☮